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Kid’s Galaxy: The Best Indoor Children’s Playground in Edmond

Kids are the most innocent source of inspiration to everyone, and we were lucky enough to be inspired by our own to create the best indoor kid’s playground in Edmond. Why only make your little ones feel special on their birthdays? Our doors are open every day of the week for you to bring your kids for fun and games. As Fred Rogers correctly stated, “Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” Our kid’s playground will offer your child the chance to keep on learning and developing motor skills.

Kid’s Galaxy does not limit the fun to children alone! Parents also get the opportunity to make unforgettable memories and indulge in a little fun of their own, without traveling all the way to Oklahoma City. Are you worried that we would not include your little toddlers in our kid’s playground? We offer a separate Toddler’s Zone for your little ones, because children learn more as they continue to play. In O. Fred Donaldson’s words, “In play, children learn how to learn.” We are parents of three beautiful kids, and we firmly believe that our kid’s playground is both fun-filled and pedagogic for your little one.

You will find spacious party rooms in Kid’s Galaxy for birthdays and any other celebrations you want to have for your kids. Since we have a soft indoor playground, there is no need to worry about your kid getting hurt. In addition to this, we have people watching over kids and ensuring they have a great time. Our Arcade Zone will accommodate all your young adolescents lest they feel out of place in the kid’s playground.

It is only children who believe that they are capable of absolutely everything. After having fun to their heart’s content, the pangs of hunger are inevitable. We have taken great measures to provide quality food for the whole family. Our current favorite is the freshly baked pizza which is loved by both kids and parents alike. Every parent’s sole concern is that their kids remain engaged in whatever activities they do. Once you come to Kid’s Galaxy with your kids, you can stop worrying about how occupied your kids and their friends are. Invite all the friends your children want, there is no shortage of space at our kid’s playground.

Visit us for the most enjoyable and entertaining experience with your kids. Subscribe to our website, Facebook, or Instagram so that you don’t miss any updates on special events.

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