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SuperNova Pass: 10 passes for $100.00

Sessions are redeemable for any child. SuperNova Pass expires after 6 months.

1 Month Membership:

1 child: $40.00                                                  

3 Month Membership:

1 child: $110.00                                                   
 Please visit us at our store to signup today!
2 siblings: $75.00                              
3-5 siblings: $105.00
2 siblings: $200.00                              
3-5 siblings: $285.00

Although we love our patrons, sometimes we can get over capacity. In those circumstances OKC regulations require us to limit entry to customers. Unfortunately, because of that we reserve the right to limit entry to walk-in customers. The best way to make sure what our crowd capacity is at any particular day or time, please follow us on social media, website and you can always just call us. We regularly and promptly announce any closings, over capacity and all such events. Thank you for understanding.

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